Training activities in Topography, Photogrammetry and GIS. at the Slemani Museum.

Lezioni di topografia nel museo di SulaymaniyaAs planned in the Memorandum of Understanding relative to the activities to be carried out at the Slemani Museum, a training course was held concerning topography, photogrammetry, surveying and GIS (carried out by Studio 3R s.a.s. di Alessandro e Sven Stefano Tilia). This course was held in conjunction with the creation of a virtual reconstruction of the Monument of Paikuli and of its surrounding landscape, in addition to the completion of the data bank necessary for the public access to all information regarding the monument and its inscribed and sculptured blocks. The lessons started in the month of October 2012 and the trainees were able to experience direct on-the-job training.

The course was characterized by a first phase in which all topographic instruments were reviewed in detail and a successive, eminently practical phase, providing the trainees the understanding of methods and techniques for a correct and proficient use of such instrumentation and thus offering them the capability to autonomously produce of an exhaustive documentation and consequent quality restoration of a monument of the utmost importance among all the tangible cultural heritage sites.

Due to the eminently technical nature of the lessons, it was deemed necessary to identify the correct professionals among the Directorate of Antiquities staff, which could truly benefit from this and possible successive more advanced courses, thus providing a continuity to the training.

The selection criteria were diverse: interest in the sector and motivation were taken into consideration notwithstanding the intention of not changing one’s job assignment within the institution thus becoming the specialists-referents of the museum in this sector.

Furthermore, during the first training phase on “Sasanian Epigraphy” which also took place during the month of October 2012, a lesson on digital photogrammetry was carried out, specifically aimed at illustrating the methodologies for the documentation of the inscribed blocks and for the digital reconstruction of the monument of Paikuli.

As a confirmation for the appreciation concerning the obtained results, the General Director of Municipality - Sulaymaniya (Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism) Khalid Hassian, manifested interest for a supplementary course structured for the capacity building of the staff in the use of the Total Station. In order to meet the multiple needs of the involved personnel, the course was scheduled by comprising both practical and theoretical lessons.

Considering that the institutions to whom the trainees belonged, possessed high level instruments but lacked specific know-how, in order to transmit to personnel the required knowledge for the management and the completely autonomous use of the aforementioned instruments, the course was oriented towards a more in depth study of methods and instruments for carrying out a topographic survey with the inclusion of practical activities and on-the-job training.

Finally, at the Slemani Museum, the last phase of the course was held by performing a detailed survey of the blocks and statues, including the training-on-the-job finalized at the definition of a correct operational methodology. This final phase was completed during the month April 2013.