3D Model of the Sasanian king Narseh

3D model of one of Sasanian king Narseh’s high-relief busts belonging to the commemorative monument of Paikuli (Sulaimaniyah Province - KRG - Iraq), preserved at the Slemani Museum (Sulaimaniyah - KRG - Iraq).

The 3D model was created within the Italian Cooperation Project "Safeguard and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage in Iraqi Kurdistan" of the Italian Development Cooperation of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Department of Classics of Sapienza, University of Rome, in cooperation with the Sulaimaniyah Antiquities Directorate and the Slemani Museum and with the support of the Italian Archaeological Mission In Iraqi Kurdistan (MAIKI) of Sapienza, University of Rome.

3D rendering carried out by Studio 3R - Rome.